My introduction to photography started when I was a young boy snapping images with my father’s KODAK Instamatic. In the Christmas of 1980, I was gifted my very own camera - a REVUE Pocket Flash 200. That camera captured birthday parties, school trips, youth group adventures, school camps - just about anything! My love for travel had its beginnings in our classic family vacations in Europe, which opened my eyes, tastes and other senses to new cultures and sights.

In 1988 I travelled farther ashore to Africa, capturing very different scenes with my father’s Olympus XA2. But it was my first trips to Asia that combined my love of travel and photography to a new level. I invested in my first SLR for my second Asia trip. And so for more than thirty-five years, I’ve been hitting the roads - whether across the globe or in my own backyard of Stuttgart - capturing everyday life.

Travel and photography have become more than just capturing memories and wonderful vacations for me. They have given me a deeper, richer and more insightful understanding of the world as a student of life, with all its joys, sorrows, dangers and possibilities. In the sixty or so countries I’ve been privileged to visit so far, I've seen fantastic places, experienced amazing things, and met incredible people who have made an impression on my life.